Q: Is it edible?

A: No.


Q: Is it natural?

A: Yes! All organic and natural. Cruelty-free. All ingredients are fair trade ingredients.


Q: Does this have real gold in it?

A: Yes, the shimmer is made of 24k gold flakes, mica & crushed pearls!


Q: Isn’t glitter bad for the environment?

A: Yes it is. Thankfully, we don't use glitter. We use biodegradable cosmetic grade mica to make the oil shimmer. 


Q: Should we shake it?

A: Yes! The product may settle in layers due to all organic and natural ingredients.


Q: What can we do with this?

A: Moisturize! It is the ultimate blend of the world’s best botanical oils. Layered between crushed pearl shimmers & real 24k gold is a selection of nature’s most potent anti-aging and firming oils to illuminate every inch of skin!


Q: Can we use on sensitive skin?

A: Yes, but it is probably wise to do a spot test to make sure your skin does not have any type of reaction! 


Q: Does the bronze color in Chocolate Mousse transfer?

A: It stays in place for the most part, just be careful with light colors! This product has no artificial binding agent or glue to keep the bronze or shimmer in place.


Q: Can you use on your face?

A: No! It is not recommended to use this on your face. Some ingredients can clog pores on face.


Q: Is Chocolate Mousse for darker skin and Vanilla Lace for lighter skin? Should we match?

A: Skin tone matching is not necessary; both oils work for any skin tone. Chocolate Mousse will act as a bronzer, which will show up more the lighter the skin tone. Vanilla Lace is more of a translucent, pearly oil which blends beautifully on any skin tone. Both shimmer.


Q: Is there a fragrance?

A: Yes. A very light fragrance that combines vanilla + orange blossom + musk + amber. It goes perfect with any scent. Different scent notes may stand out more on certain people.


Q: Can this be used in the sun?

A: Yes. It is recommended to use coconut oil or another natural carrier oil for tanning, along with some sort of SPF. Body frosting can be used afterwards to add a shimmer or tint. It will not protect against UV rays, but can help fight free radicals.

Q: What is the finish like? Shiny?

A: All of the ingredients in this oil are super moisturizing and beneficial for the skin, so they soak in. Not sticky. There are no fillers, preservatives, binding agents or artificial oils in the body frosting, so it will not be high shine like baby oil or vaseline. Our oil will leave you feeling moisturized, soft and glowing! 


Q: What does gold do for skin?

A: Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. The metal can calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness and protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage. Gold is also known to have powerful anti-aging benefits, helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of skin.


Q: What do pearls do for skin?

A: Pearls act as a potent antioxidant, boosting the body's own enzymes and reducing peroxidation. Pearl also contains polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, minerals and proteins, including conchioline, which helps replenish and rebuild the skin's natural collagen.


Q: What is the shelf life for body frosting?

A: 6 months!


Q: Should we mix with lotion?

A: No! The chemicals in your lotion may hinder the benefits this oil can have on your skin.